Get your Art on!

I have been honoured to submit a piece for auction for the ‘Get your Art On event supporting Spencer Chandra Herbert, MLA.  You may have seen my work rotating in his office for a few months now,  part of my Art in Government program.

Spencer told me the value of the Arts in creating dialogue and the contribution to community.  Those words inspired me to include some of the values important to me in my creative works.

I hope you can attend the ‘Get your Art On event on Saturday March 5th.  I have donated the Salmon inspired piece called ‘Burrard Hope’, and added a little spice to the package in collaboration with musician David Blair.

AUCTION PACKAGE (Value $ 2,975)

  • Original Painting – ‘Burrard Hope’
  • Live Painting by J Peachy at your home or special event
  • Live Musical Performance by David Blair

‘Burrard Hope’
36 x 48 Acrylic on Reclaimed Panel.
Value $2,475

A dedication to the Wild Salmon people who walked in the pouring rain on Monday October 25 2010 to raise a voice and show solidarity for the preservation of Wild Salmon.

‘Burrard Hope’ goes to the home of Kelly and Mike Bocking, congratulations!

See more Wild Salmon Series works click on the image below.


David Blair

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