Hives for Humanity: Bees and Jeepneys

This painted Bee Hive project is in support of the community work of Hives for Humanity an opportunity through Gallery Gachet Artist Run Studio Collective.

Purchase the Bee Hive Box from Hives for Humanity here

Inspired by the urban creative transport vehicles of the Philippines, “Bees and Jeepneys” is a dedication to front-line workers from the Philippines that have migrated to Canada to support the food production, health care, marine transport and education that support the citizens of the nation. Jeepneys were created after the US Military left Jeeps behind after the world war. In an act of recycling, creativity and resilience, local citizens transformed and repurposed them as public transport vehicles, each with their unique identity.

The Jeepney is a cultural symbol unique to the people of the Phiippines.

Jeepney Urban Transport, Mangaldan, Pangasinan Province, Philippines

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