Reasons why you are an artist?

As a mental health consumer, we have this twisted desire to constantly self-analyze, plus some of us are tragically blessed with a creative mind.  Thus, in order to have a healthy mechanism for these delusional outputs, I have decided to post random thoughts that seem to validate why I am an artist.  If you have any to share, reply via twitter

Reason 42: Time is an abstract concept, hours and days are sometimes unrecognizable

Reason 27: You love watching Paint Dry!
Reason 34: You think white dudes with an Afro and Beard are either named Bob or Ross

Reason 111: Someone told me I couldn’t. – Nelly Mills

Reason 47: Things an Artist can say when angry at someone: “Don’t make me mad, or I’ll  paint you right in the face”

Reason 53: Because you tweet at this ungodly hour, fully knowing your art friends will respond.


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