MOVEMENT(S) Comes to Bowen Island


MOVEMENT(S) Art Exhibition Opens on Bowen Island on April 29, 2016

Bowen Island Arts Council (BIAC) is excited to announce MOVEMENT(S), an arts exhibition featuring the work of artist J Peachy at the Gallery @ Artisan Square, 589 Artisan Lane on Bowen Island. This solo exhibition opens on Friday, April 29 and runs until Monday, May 23.  The opening reception, on Saturday, April 30, will feature an artist talk, dance theatre performance by Kathara Pilipino Indigenous Arts Collective, and a circus performance by Kasha Konaka. This special event will kick-off at 5:30 pm with an opportunity to partake in indigenous ­inspired tastings.

MOVEMENT(S) is comprised of diverse works by multidisciplinary artist J Peachy. Stories from the Salmon Van and Mc Diagnosis are two significant installations in the exhibit. Both are whimsical, intellectual analyses, and present provocatively critical perspectives on mainstream contemporary issues. Stories from the Salmon Van uses the movement of salmon schools as an alter­native narrative in building (social) relationships. Mc Diagnosis on the other hand is a critique on the establishment’s cookie cutter approach towards mental health diagnosis.

“J Peachy brings a unique form of artistic expression to Bowen Island. We are very much looking forward to hosting his first solo exhibition,” says Jacqueline Massey, Executive Director of BIAC.According to the artist:  “Both installations, inspired by an indigenous way of thought, have a root in movement that seek to be portals to a way of living and connection, which is rapidly fading in a hyper-­accelerated media saturated modern world.”

Janet Esseiva, Gallery Curator says: “Visitors will be treated to something very special. It will definitely challenge and provoke thought and stimulate their senses.”

In addition to the opening reception, a number of special events will be presented in conjunction with the exhibit. Two Creative Cafés are planned, one Sunday, May 1, and another on Sunday, May 22. The Wil D. Salmon Comedy Variety Show comes to the exhibition on Saturday May 21st, featuring a live narration of the show script with Chris Kientz and Simon James, co­-creators of the award winning animated television series Raven Tales. Screening of Last Stand for Lelu, is scheduled for Sunday, May 22nd at the Gallery. Most events are admission by donation, with the exception of the indigenous-inspired fare at the opening reception, which will require purchase of a $20 ticket, on sale through the Bowen Island Arts Council.

For more details about the event during the MOVEMENT(S) exhibition as well as other event see:

– 30 –

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Jacqueline Massey OR call 604.947.2454

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