Community Arts and Social Media Workshop

Are you an Artist, Media Programmer or Content Producer trying to Navigate Social Media?

I am hosting a one hour workshop based on my experience with Sound Therapy Radio, J Peachy Gallery and other creative projects.  Social Media is a buzzword these days, however from my perspective its important to understand both the concepts of social exchange as well as the various media you use to communicate your value.

Some of the subjects I cover are:

– content creation (video, audio, blog)
– growing community around your program or art practice
– understanding social media tools, twitter, hootsuite, facebook, youtube, navigation
– identifying which tools to use
– how to use social media to promote content without being anti social
– understanding social exchange
– generate revenue for your art practice or creative project

We are all advocating for good through our art or media projects, however we need to creatively survive.  As much as this is a knowledge share from my experience, this workshop is intended as a platform to exchange ideas as well.

Upcoming Workshops:

Vancouver Spring 2012
Toronto 2012
New York 2012

“Don’t Let your ideals get in the way of your Meals”

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