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Category: Comedy

Reasons why you are an artist?

As a mental health consumer, we have this twisted desire to constantly self-analyze, plus some of us are tragically blessed with a creative mind.  Thus, in order to have a healthy mechanism for these delusional outputs, I have decided to post random thoughts that seem to validate why I am an artist.  If you have any to share, reply via twitter Reason 42: Time is an abstract concept, hours and days are sometimes unrecognizable Reason 27: You love watching Paint Dry! Reason 34: You think white dudes with an… Read more Reasons why you are an artist?

The punchline ends, for now, kinda.

Another chapter in my life has turned over. For the past 10 months I was part of the 2010 Stand up for Mental Health comedy class.  Every Tuesday afternoon, myself and a small group of other Mental Health survivors met to pick at our emotional wounds and then expose them to others so they can laugh with us.  I always had the natural ability to entertain people, however having a formal structure to work was really a challenge at first.  I didn’t realize that there was so much intelligence that… Read more The punchline ends, for now, kinda.