My Cell Phone Sabbatical

So for a number of reasons I have decided to quit cold turkey the use of a cell phone. This doesn’t mean I won’t communicate, it just requires a creative way to do so, without inconveniencing my friends and associates. I don’t have an expectation of how long this will last, but this is a test!

So why did I stop? Well its part intuition

– early January, phone was lost or stolen, however was returned a few days later
– phone started acting weird and eventually crashed, which meant I lost all my phone contacts and text message history
– received last months phone bill. On a bad shared cell plan with family and I was pretty manic last month. End result $393.00 bill
– so I feel sick to now even look at a phone, its telling me something
– having a MH disorder and all those funky waves near my head can’t be healthy.

The logic to not use it added up. So, as of Feb 1, 2011 I cease to use a cell phone. I’ll put a daily journal here and on twitter and just see how it goes.

Day 75: Fell off the digital wagon. When I didn’t have a phone became addicted to twitter, now addicted to phone and twitter, is that a dual digital diagnosis?

Day 66: Notes angry mob of disgruntled callers; so I put them on Hold, I felt like a phone company!

Day 65: In order to feel better, may need to track my Cell Phone Sabbatical by the second.

Day 64: I’ve felt crazy with a phone; people think I’m nuts for not having one.  So I’ve come to accept that I have been locked into rolling 3 year contracts that deem me certifiably insane.  All incoming calls by voices in my head are free.

Day 30: Cell Phone Batteries are dead, haven’t charged them for 29 days.

Day 29: May have to ease back into cell phone. Looking to purchase a rotary dial phone, anyone?

Day 25: Misses arguments with cell phone provider.  These days I bang my head on the wall just for the memories

Day 24: Recovering from Day 23 would have been worse with a cellphone.

Day 23: Hosting a National Radio Broadcast without a cellphone was a challenge, but not much worse than losing power minutes before broadcast. Sun still rose next day like it usually does.

Day 17-22: Sorry too busy to talk on a cell phone right now.

Day 16: Jenny I got your number 867 5309, but no area code. Tommy Tutone can I borrow your phone.

Day 15:  Is feeling tempted, is there an equivalent form of methadone for a cell phone.

Day 14:  Someone just called to say I love you.  It was the phone company, thanking me for overusing my daytime minutes.

Day 13: Makes last minute cancellations difficult.  Good thing I don’t run an airline, as I’d also likely loose your luggage.

Day 12: All calls are on hold, as I am living my life at the moment.

Day 11: I forgot I don’t even have a cell phone.

Day 10: There are some people who can only communicate by cell phone, am I prepared to lose them?

Day 9: Thinks the thumbs will twiddle twice as often because the ability to text has been taken away instantaneously

Day 9: Same feeling as having a dead battery on your cellphone.  Oh Yeah, its because I haven’t charged in 9 days

Day 8: Does anyone in this city train carrier pigeons, there are so many around I should be able to get unlimited messaging.

Day 7:  Well that’s week one.  One less thing to remember to leave the house with. Conversations no longer interrupted.  I can see there can be problems with me being single point of contact (SPOC) with projects.  Need to accommodate for that

Day 6:  Well its a Sunday, don’t usually do much cell phone this day anyways, so this could be an easy one

Day 5: might have used one yesterday but did some workarounds.  Note to self: avoid last minute commitments.

Day 4: Pay phones are 50 cents now! some don’t even take coins. Even the alternate drug costs money.

Day 4: Not having a mobile phone Feels like I’m on a foreign vacation.

Day 3: seem to have a blackberry craving, but they are not in season yet.

Day 3: For now please put me on your ‘Do Not Call’ List. But instead put me on your “Dude I’d like to hang out in person with” list 😉 That includes you too BLONDIE!

Day 2: cell phone free, been ok so far. However I am thinking that cell phones are a gateway drug to twitter.. uh oh.

Day 1: no longer has a cellphone, may replace it or not… There are other ways to connect me but face to face is best.

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