Wild Salmon Month @ J Peachy Gallery

In the spirit of the Wild Salmon activism in British Columbia this month; the J Peachy Gallery is celebrating these beautiful creatures in a number of creative ways. Salmon in BC are more than just being a critical part of our ecology, it is a large part of the identity of our West Coast. For thousands of years people on this land relied on the existence of Salmon for sustenance and cultural identity.

So for the month of October, 50% of all sales including, art cards, prints, originals, live painting performances and commissions will go towards Arts Based Salmon Activism in collaboration with salmonaresacred.org.

I believe the Arts are a means of dialogue that can catalyze change.  People need to be made aware of these issues through the power of Art.  Once armed with the truth, we can stand together in force to call on our leaders and the rest of society to react. However, the working artist has a role to play in this cause which needs to be sustainable.

Even in our activism,  social causes  and events, we are used to paying for gas provided by oil companies and power generated by our rivers.    The value of the working artist also needs to be respected. With the massive cuts in arts funding in BC, many feel this dialogue is being suppressed for a reason.  Thus, the funds raised for Wild Salmon month go towards production costs, art supplies and artist honorariums, any surplus from events goes towards future Wild Salmon Activism.

For the month of October, all artists may heed the call from Alexandra Morton to participate in the activism in their own way.


So please look out for artistic responses from this Gallery and other creative types as we aim to preserve our precious resource.

Go Wild and Express your Spirit for our Salmon.

A dedication to the lost rivers of Vancouver.


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