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Category: Wild Salmon People

‘Approach’ with commitment, conviction and compassion

Approach (2010) – Acrylic on Reclaimed Panel ‘Approach’  was inspired by the Wild Salmon Paddle which took place in October 2010.  Over 100 paddlers participated in a migration that traveled… Read more ‘Approach’ with commitment, conviction and compassion

VIDEOS: Why is Wild Salmon important culturally?

A number of my artists friends ask, why is Salmon important to me?  Heck I am a vegetarian, I don’t think eating animals is the right thing to do.  Plus if they are at risk why are we eating them? Ecologically, Salmon are a keystone to wildlife in BC. People,  Bears, Eagles, Seals all feed on Salmon, do you know of many predatory species that can be eaten by different predators who can walk, fly, swim and use a blackberry?  On their four year life cycle, Salmon migrate back hundreds… Read more VIDEOS: Why is Wild Salmon important culturally?