WILD SALMON: Calling All Artists!

We have the honour to be working with the amazing people behind salmonaresacred.org. Including Dr. Alexandra Morton, Don Staniford, Alexis Baker, Elly Edwards, Anissa Reed and the hundreds more have inspired myself and other artists to Stand up for Wild Salmon on the West Coast.

We hope you can join us.


OCTOBER 1, 2010:

Hello, my name is Alexandra Morton I am a biologist as well as an artist.

For the past number of years I have seen first hand the devastation happening to our local Wild Salmon. The human impact and the proliferation of industrial fish farms is contributing to the destruction of our precious resource. However, Salmon are more than just amazing fish; for thousands of years those on the West Coast of Canada have depended on Salmon as way of life, a means of economic survival, and a cultural and spiritual identity. At one time, we would see over 100 Million Salmon travel over hundreds of miles to their spawning grounds to repeat the cycle of life; now we are fortunate to see merely 40 Million return on a given year.

I am calling out to artists of all types to participate in the movement to protect our Wild Salmon. Express your own stories, create awareness, initiate dialogue and celebrate these magnificent fish in the way you know best. Come to know the stories of the Salmon and the people who are integral to its life cycle; I know you will be inspired just like I have. We all know the Arts have a significant role to play in our society and this can be an opportunity to showcase it.

We have a number of events and celebrations happening though the Fall, including a Paddle Flotilla, Rallies and Arts Events culminating in Vancouver from Oct 23-30, 2010, we hope you can become involved. For more information please go to to www.salmonaresacred.org.

To participate in some of the Arts Based Activism projects please contact J Peachy at jp@jpeachygallery.com.

Yours in Spirit

Dr. Alexandra Morton
Salmon are Sacred


Even William Shatner is on board.


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