Celebrating the 2010 Fraser River Sockeye

‘RETURN’ – 2010

This piece is dedicated to the 2010 Fraser River Sockeye. Almost 30 million Salmon returned to spawn this year, which is the highest in a century. Although we celebrate this return, there are still many questions to be answered in light of the collapse of the 2009 return. Many species and natural habitats are under seige and the migratory routes for the Fraser River Sockeye still pose a risk due to sea lice.

Salmon are more than about Ecology, it is part of the cultural history and economic means of the West Coast of Canada. Without Salmon, there would likely be not settlement on our rivers. Salmon celebrations were common place in this cultures.

Many contemporary environmental issues can be connected through these magnificent fish. Whether it is Run of River power, Oil tankers on the North Coast, fish farms on natural migration routes, Gateway development destruction on local streams and tributaries. The salmon life cycle also contribute nutrition to our forests. Thus, Salmon are the gatekeepers to our sustenance and identity on the West Coast.

In the west, to preserve the Salmon is to preserve ourselves.

– jp

Reproductions are available in Poster, Gallery Print and Hand Embellished Canvas Giclee.  To order a print

‘Return’ Poster (12 x 18) $30.00
‘Return’ Fine Paper Print $175.00
‘Return’ Canvas Print (12 x 22) $250.00

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