A bit of Glitter for the Bipolar Babe

In the journey of life you can run into someone who is on the same path, fully unaware you may actually be walking beside each other

I’ve never met Andrea Paquette in person, however her passion for life and her advocacy for Mental Health and those who have Bipolar disorder is inspiring.  Not everyone has the skills, ability or desire to put it all out there, but Andrea seems to do it with heart as the ‘Bipolar Babe‘.  Its no wonder she has a group of loyal supporters and friends.

Those who have bipolar disorder have often times act in such a way that they can become socially outcast or feared.  For those who know someone intimately, it can be a struggle dealing with a random emotional outburst or irratic and abrasive demeanor.  It can be tough to take and much easier to run away and move on.  But as Horse Therapist, Bobbi Sidsworth boldly says

“I am strong-willed, independent and outspoken. I make mistakes, I can be out of control sometimes, but if you cant handle me at my worst, then you certaintly don’t deserve me at my best!”

So, if you are in Victoria and want to risk seeing some of Andrea’s best, then check this event out.

Check out a little bit of glitter I’ve left for her. Available for auction


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