You have a right to feel PAIN. Ok what now?

The above piece entitled ‘STRATA’ was inspired by the emotions experienced dealing with a certain centralized real estate authority.  I was incredibly frustrated one day, I was seething in anger and wanted to do something.  I had lots of energy, pent-up anger, bottled up resentment, buckets of external blame, overweight emotional baggage and truthfully an unseemingly overheightened reasoning for my feelings.  At the end of the day I didn’t really want to care that much about this issue in the first place.

In present society, we have been accustomed and phallically pre-occupied with the sense of ownership. It can be a house, a car, an idea, a relationship… whatever.  We have been told it is to give us pride, meaning and physical expression of who we are. We are bombarded with messages in the daily paths that we migrate, these messages continually re-affirm this.  I’ve felt I’ve rejected this notion long ago, so the fact that I was using my hard earned emotional fuel on something meaningless was creating even more frustration for me.  I suppose everyone has relapses. I needed to intervene in my own mind.

Through my creative personal exploration, I have been able to accumulate a creative home depot tool corral of artistic response mechanisms.  At that particular instance, I had a lot of half filled paint containers nearby and a paint brush close at hand, so just like peanut butter and chocolate the two met, I emptied them out and somehow created this…

Can anger be an act of Love?

STRATA – 30 x 40 Acrylic (SOLD)

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