Introducing the Granville Street Hatchery



Introducing the Granville Street Hatchery.

We are collective of creative individuals who want to help build a different community to live work and play.  We know that office space and the commitment to have a space can be daunting, we also know the power of a supportive group that knows and understands each as individual.  We know their creative gifts need to be nurtured, developed and sculpted.  Thus we have developed a community model that is designed to be open, safe, supportive and collaborative such that your idea to hatch and grow.  You will also know that we will be direct and will give you constructive feedback on your concept.

We are looking for minimum of 10 brave, open minded, souls to participate in this pilot project.  There will be a six month commitment to what we call “SUSTAINABLE FUEL” to share in the cost of a shared space of $100 per month (+HST).  We are taking applicants now.

What your Sustainable Fuel provides you.

Prime Downtown Shared Office Space
Free Coffee Tea
Shared Food
Shared Technical Resources (ie. Computer, Projector, Printer)
Bike Parking
Mailing Address
Creative Community

contact us by Email. Coordinator(at)

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