Art Revolution in Suburbia

Beginning Friday September 30th, I will be residing in Port Moody City Hall to begin my artist in residency. My objective is to answer the question that many seem to ask; what the F^%$ does an artist do anyways.  So until 9:30 pm October 1, my daily creative life will occupy Port Moody City Hall and I will do what an artist does.  People will have a chance to observe my creative process in person as well as on-line

The hashtag #occupypomoartsfest was inspired by the people’s movement in New York #occupywallstreet. A number of the same princples will apply, how it manifests itself is something that we will reveal itself.

Hopefully the internet connection will play nicely and we can live stream, (here http://www.ustream.tv/channel/pomo-arts-fest).  I have some plans including a LIVE CJSF Radio broadcast from 3-4pm on Friday Sept 30th, this can be heard locally on 90.1 FM in Vancouver or online cjsf.ca

FB Invite: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=171753246240859&pending

Below are some photos and videos from the occupation and even more here on flickr

Star and I settled in

Filmmaker Ian MacKenzie

As part of this occupation, I will need the following.  I don’t have all of it, thus I would ask if you can bring the following:

1) Raw Canvas
2) Drawing Paper
3) Easels
4) Acrylic Paints
5) Sidewalk Chalk
6) Paint Brushes
7) Drop Cloths

1) Area Rug
2) Folding Table
3) Cot
4) Comfy Bean Bag Chairs
5) Plants
6) Book Case
7) Printer Paper
8) Food
9) Dog Walking Service


LIVE STREAM ARCHIVE http://www.ustream.tv/channel/pomo-arts-fest

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