‘Approach’ with commitment, conviction and compassion

Approach (2010) – Acrylic on Reclaimed Panel

‘Approach’  was inspired by the Wild Salmon Paddle which took place in October 2010.  Over 100 paddlers participated in a migration that traveled from Hells Gate to Vancouver.  Their mission was to walk to the Vancouver Art Gallery and raise the issue of protecting Wild Salmon migration routes.  A big issue seems to be the lack of disease reporting by Fish Farms who operate on these migration routes.  A Federal Commission is looking into the collapse of the 2009 Fraser River Sockeye.

About 10 canoes filled with 10 paddlers each departed from Musqueam reserve on Sunday Oct 24th and proceeded to round Point Grey towards the city of Vancouver.

I could imagine the paddlers see the city within view, paddling but seemingly not moving any closer.  At the end of such an arduous journey to finally land on the shores of Jericho Beach to the welcome of indigenous people is a reward to the commitment.

The Wild Salmon people continue to paddle on.

NOTE: in 2010 ‘Approach’ was submitted for a Canada Post Foundation for Mental Health Stamp Design competition, where it was selected as a semi-finalist.

Re-productions are available in, Poster Print, Gallery Paper Print, Canvas Giclee. email jp(at)jpeachygallery.com


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