FUSE: Postcard to a Stranger

At FUSE last night, my volunteer duty included the task of managing the activity called ‘Post Card to a Stranger’.  It was based around the theme for last nights event entitled ‘I Want to be Alone (with you)‘, a play on having a psycho-social post-Olympic respite.  Basically people wrote a message to a stranger on a blank postcard, after which it went into a box.  At another station you wrote your address on a label, we would then randomly attach these address labels to the postcards.  Thus you would then receive a random postcard in the mail.  I thought people really enjoyed it.  They were likely uninhibited in knowing what they wrote was like a gift to someone they don’t know; a random act of kindness hopefully!  In addition, the anticipation that they will receive a postcard seemed exciting.

One stranger gave me her postcard to read, unsure how the person receiving it may feel.  She was afraid of appearing too forward.  I won’t reveal her original contents, however I wrote this one back as a gift for allowing me to read it in the first place.  What do you think?

I                                                                *  **    *   *  **
I    Dear Stranger,                                 ***    *  * *    *
I                                                                    *       *    *
I    Nice to meet you at the gallery.           *     **     * * * ***
I    What did you think of FUSE?  I find        *   *   * *       *  * *
I    that it breathes a little life into my         * *  ** * ** *   *
I    creative embers. I hope it stoked              *    * *   *
I    your artistic flame.  One thing I                        ***
I    really enjoy is surrounding myself                     **
I    with other fearless creators. They always     *** *  *  **
I    seek the flood of their emotions          – cherry blossoms
I    and capture enough of them                        j peachy
I    to create their latest opus.
I    Isn’t it daring to face the oncoming
I    surge, fully knowing the risk and beauty
I    of what may happen?  I suppose that
I    is the thrill and danger that comes
I    with being an artist.  However, most
I    fascinating is knowing the person beside you is
I    on this spectacular journey as well; and that you
I    can hang on whenever you may need.
I   All the best in your travels.
I      – J Peachy

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