Trunk Beauty

Trunk Beauty is an ode to the small details.  Even within the grandness of a large tree are the minutia of elements; represented in bark, moss and any small living creatures that may have burrowed themselves.  There is beauty that lies in the smallest of things.  I transpose this to other things in life, small actions, words, gestures and deeds, these are of importance for me.  Sometimes the grandest of plans pale in comparison to the simplest of accomplishments.  The conflict between the addiction for achievement vs the reality of what will actually happen is fierce.

Trunk Beauty is 16 x 20 framed on watercolour and arches paper (sold)


    • Glad you liked it! I found those stats in Business in Vancouver magazine – reputable source. I was pretty surprised by them – they put it in perspective for me too. Someone else was saying that it’s not about the money, or losing a bit of parking – it’s about an anti-cycling culture in Vancouver. And that same person was saying that Toronto does not have this problem, and it’s time for Vancouver to grow up!

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