The story of Chesterman Peace

The Story of Chesterman Peace

Chesterman Beach in Tofino British Columbia is a spectacular place. Its rugged beauty is both a physical location and a spiritual escape.  During any visit you can see people and their canine companions strolling the beach or surfers searching for the perfect wave.  Here the fog rolls in and hides the trees and rocks in the distance; it too desires privacy and peace from the humans that encroach upon it.  As with much of my work, Chesterman Peace represents our existence in a rough and complex world. Within it I try to achieve my own inspiration, relate to the natural world, manage emotion, challenge turmoil, and seek inner peace.  The concept is simple and logical, however the journey to achieve personal sanctuary is not through a smooth path which has been paved for us. Rather, it is created by enduring the tumultuous daily experiences of life.

The piece is one of my favourites.  Its simplicity is expressed in monotone, a respite from the over stimulation of media, advertising, technology, relationships, and productivity of our hectic lives. 

Even the colours of the universe need a break.

Chesterman Peace is 16 x 20 framed on watercolour and arches paper (artist’s private collection)

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  1. I visited Tofino for the first time in January of 2009, and I fell in love. Such inspiring beauty there.
    I think you have captured the simplicity in a beautiful way. That “awayness” from all the media and tech that you mentioned was exactly what I loved.

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