Crossfire – Dedicated to the wounded Matriarchs


My Sister’s closet is a social enterprise run by the battered women support services group of Vancouver and happens to be around the corner from my studio. I have been shopping there for a few years as they have good selection of used mens clothing.  I pop in  store occasionally with Star to come for a visit and to see what donations have come in. Over the past few months, we have collaborated on a few creative projects, combining art and expression. I’ve come to know a little bit more about my sister’s closet and the many people who volunteer there.

In the social and environmental movements that I am active in, I have been witness to some very courageous and dedicated women to their causes.  I have seen them work against forces of oppression, psychological violence and ridicule but in spite of that they remain wholly focused on the task at hand. These women have a true belief in what they are doing but as well maintain a powerful commitment to compassion. Crossfire is a depiction; analogous to a brave tree standing strong against everything that comes directed at it; if it endures all the forces of nature it undoubtedly will bloom and inspire others.

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