Rings of a Tree and the Life of me

those rings of a tree and the life of me
both planted of seeds from our family
roots twisted like spaghetti, fettucini or curly fries
where distant cousins come as a surprise
in youth we grow not knowing our limit
twist and bend and are spry like a whippet
sheltered from the storms by our parents canopy

for the rings of a tree and the life of me

as an adult our bark winkles, rain on our skin like shower and a sprinkle
lightning strikes nearby but we stand with courage
as those who are nearest succumb to flames that flourish
some may fall in the dead of night
they sacrifice for the young and begin to nurse at first light
for those trees that pass I cannot weep, being a tree upright makes it hard to sleep
my branch of leaves reach out for the sun to see

for the rings of a tree and the life of me

in my own after life will I part of a wooden carved story?… with all its glory
or merely as stump in a waterfall at the local mall
in all our lives we hope they will remember
just like a Treefest celebration in September
those rings in me and a natural life’s history


  1. and thanks for …. awakening… THE GREAT SPIRITS…. !!!!!! …. for in NATURE…. , rests……. the HEALING PROPERTIES of HUMANITY…. ( And… the RIVERVIEW LANDS…. , and it’s magical
    FOREST …. ARBORETUM…. , provides for a safe haven…. for telling the Story of this Region…. for they ( these Trees…) have stood the test of time… and have within them… ( their Roots )…the MEMORY !!!!! … And Yes the Energy…. !!!! …. to revitalise… to HUMAN SETTLEMENT STORIES… and help create also.. A GATHERING… that will see true and light…, that ONCE UPON A TIME… , IN ” HABITAT ” 76 ”.. And once again… .in 2006… in it’s 30th ANNIVERSARY…. , the HUMAN SETTLEMENT ISSUES of OUR TIMES…, IS RIGHT HERE AT OUR DOORSTEPS… …

    Roger Loubert…, Chair
    Minnekhada Park Association.. and Vice President of ARTS CONNECT….

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