Fast Food Psychiatry: Drive Thru Therapy

McDiagnosis – Drive Thru Therapy is based on a larger body of work in progress called Fast Food Psychiatry, this satirical piece represents the expeditious and somewhat superficial analysis when it comes to diagnosing and dealing with Mental Illness.  Not exclusive to the medical system, this thought model extends to general society, family, friends, co-workers and pop-psychologists.  Maintaining stable mental health is complex, ongoing and is ever changing with the social dynamics that surround and bombard us.  One cannot be ‘cured’ through a fast food approach where somone’s conditions and circumstances are similar to another.  We are not people who desire to be treated like numbers in line, nor should remedies be mass produced and replicated.

Aren't you 'HAPPY yet MEAL'?

The body of work is inspired by local artists who have done similar pop culture responses to social issues or marginalization including; Pierre Leichner, Quin Martins, Brian Jungen, Sonny Assu and Ken Lum.  McDiagnosis is meant to catalyze comedic references to one’s own experience.

There’s more to come, look out for a franchise location in a neighbourhood near you!

Upcoming Exhibition
Mad Pride 2011 (Group Show) – Face your Mind + ReDisCover (July 2011)
Gallery Gachet, 88 East Cordova Street.
Vancouver, BC
McDiagnosis: Drive Thru Therapy Menu Board

all images copyright 2011 J Peachy Gallery

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