ARIZONA SHOOTING, Re-Fueling Stigma? A Compilation of user comments

I was reading a recent article online about the Arizona Shooting. Sadly it appears we have such a long way to go as a large percentage of the comments showed the ignorance around mental health?

If you were diagnosed with a mental illness through no fault of your own.  Would you dare to walk the streets if you knew there were people out there that thought what is listed below?  The violence in these comments, are just as dangerous as the original incident.  or possible worse as they continue everyday.  Psychological violence is as prevalent as handguns. My thoughts are below each post.

” Again, the parents of these sick killers claim to be surprised. Is it believable they were not aware of his mental issues? They should be forced to spend the rest of their lives making right those affected by their defective and non-treated child.”

JP: Are we certain that the parents did not try or could even get or afford coverage.  Can you demonstrate how you have done better in a similar situation

“Yeah it’s got to be the marijuana. Everyone knows that’s a toggle switch to pure insanity! I can’t believe any of us are still alive with the twenty million or so admitted users out there. Why can we not just face the fact that some people are nuts? Lets stop making excuses for crazy people”

JP: Marijuana vs Alcohol? Which kills more people again?  This person is not aware that mental illness is a medical condition, but believes it’s actually someone’s choice.  If I had a choice, I’d pick nothing.

“Who gives a d a m n how disturbed the man is! Just execute this piece of trash & put him in the ground where he belongs”

JP: Only people who are human, have compassion and the ability to solve a problem instead of retaliating, give a damn. Lets hope you run into one if you happen to have a mental breakdown.  Your chances of a having a mental health issue are greater than you being shot by someone who has a psychiatric condition.

“Arizona Sherriff Dupnik makes his case for the shooter to be the real victim, and should be aquitted.

According to Sherriff Dupnik, the shooter is not responsible for his actions. He was influenced beyond his control by such things as talk radio, campaign speeches, political candidates, and the November elections.

The shooter, a registered independent who did not even vote, who is described as a leftwing pothead, and who idolized Karl Marx, should not be considered responsible for his actions due to numerous unsubstantiated influences forced upon him.

According to Sherriff Dupnik, you have the real victim locked up in jail. Instead, you should be shutting down talk radio, campaign speeches, and removing anything that resembles a conservative influence, driving the innocent to violence.

By the way, when was Sherriff Dupniks last mental evaluation??”

JP: A person with a mental health condition is not allowed to be seen as a victim.  Having a mental health disorder, means you have no capacity for intelligence.   People with mental health issues have a compromised capacity to process external stimuli, it’s not likely to discriminate based on political ideology.

“Who was going to pay for his “mental health warnings”?”

JP: So we are to assume saving money is more important than saving lives.  If it was your mother, would you even spare a dollar?

“This is the face of evil. Not only should this maggot infested piece of garbage be put to death, his family should also stand trial for allowing this satanic sickie to exist.”

JP: Is the only way to solve mental health issues is to convict and execute someone irregardless of the facts.  Killing someone who has a mental health issue only reduces the likelihood of admitting they have one,  solely based on the fear of being pre-emptively executed by a normal person.

“Mental health is looked at as a low-priority (and in some cases elective) medical service when it comes to health insurance… and psychiatric drugs aren’t cheap… Just an insight into the world of mental health.”

JP: Mental Health is not sexy enough for people to care about.  Mental Health discussion in the mainstream media only comes up after shootings as it guarantees more readers and extends the life of a tragic incident. Ensure the scariest picture of the accused to instill more fear in the readers.  This is good for Home Alarm System and Gun Shop advertising revenue.

“All who were involved in this psycho’s background check should be sacked as the signs were there telling them that he was indeed a loose cannon of the most potentially violent kind. And yet not one head will roll and another government control fails miserably and another oh-hum, carry on. It is this sort of thing which causes people to lose confidence in government because this little SOB had no legitimate business having any type of gun or weapon. Now society will be stuck with the cost of taking care of him till he dies of natural causes because he will be saved by a flawed justice system who will deem him mentally unstable”

JP: If someone who has a medical condition that immediately allows joe public to make derogatory monikers about such person; psycho, SOB. mental.  I wonder what they call people with cancer or diabetes. If a child has a mental health condition what do we call them?

Before the incident the individual was sick?  Is he less sick after the incident such that he is not entitled to the right help.  Do you prefer this person on the street or some place where he can get help?

If you call him unstable and the justice system deems him unstable, but you call the justice system flawed.  Does that must mean you are flawed too?

“Too bad we can’t bust him out and hang him! In the old Tuscon vigilantes would take care of him.”

JP: I suppose you could, but killing someone is illegal.  Your likelihood of jail is higher when you take the law into your own hands. And because you claim you are normal, you will receive the death penalty, something your political ideals support.

“You do have to live it to understand. We lost our son to suicide after the hospital said that he was taken over by the “devil”. They used up his insurance, then called us to say that he was being released to the the rescue mission. Inside , he was treated like a wild animal and said I’ll never go back in there. He didn’t. He was a pre-med student with high grades. It’s sad that you have “no say” when your child passes 21. No say.”

JP: The insurance company saved their money and a family lost a son. God Bless America, they need all the help they can get if this is how they allow their citizens to be treated

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