Stamps created to eliminate the labels.

The Canada Post Foundation for Mental Health has given artists the opportunity to submit to their annual stamp competition. The foundation has done a commendable job in supporting Mental Health Awareness and eliminating the stigma that prevents thousands from getting the help they need. As a graduate of the Stand up for Mental Health Class, which is sponsored by the Canada Post Foundation for Mental Health I am a direct recipient of their work.

I have submitted for this year and I don’t have any expectations about winning. With the design template I can see my art work visualized on a stamp, its a neat feeling.

Managing expectations have been a source of mental anguish for me in the past.  Thus, today there is nothing more in my head space more than what I enjoy now through this opportunity. In this process, reality says there’s a 99% chance of being disappointed.  In reference to lottery winners, Virginia Commonweath University Psychology Professor was quoted on abc news, “The dream you have about winning may be better than the actuality of winning,”

I had thought about creating something specific for this competition, however my general feeling is that if the emotion is not genuine, my art does not come out as well. I don’t do commission work particularly well; and thus I submitted existing works that I know evoke an emotion. Also, given that my work is always an expression of my creative survival and mental health advocacy, so this is a natural fit for me.

I hope you can consider voting for me or any of the other artists; the opportunity alone delivers hope to many. Click on the stamp below to link to the voting site. The more people that post to their facebook and re-tweet will help my ranking




  1. No I don't think its mrboid, I think happy poems, songs, etc. just get a little sappy after a while. It sounds bad but theres only so much rainbows and sunshine you can take before its gets unreallistic and kinda boring. And yeah, its Jen. 😀

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