Inspiring things can come to those who wait.

'Waiting' (2010)

Does the discipline of waiting justify the reward?  The term waiting can mean many things and apply to different circumstances. In the context of Salmon of which I have a passion and emotional connection; Waiting refers to the time in late summer when Salmon return back every year to streams and tributaries to spawn and begin a new cycle of life.   Many can relate to this emotion, as my friend Patrick has done below.


– Patrick John Timothy Connors

Waiting, waiting

For the love I always have had
To become a reality, a part of my life
Not just some sort of marvelous theory
Philosophical construct unable to action

Waiting to believe in my sight, the things
I see inside and out; to get them down on
Paper, or otherwise share with you all
Yet ever living a life of faith



For the existence I used to need and strive for
One of excitement, accomplishment, satisfaction
Before I boringly sold out to corporate dreams,
Hockey pools, and other, lesser adversaries

Waiting for my dreams to come true
Dreams to change the world for the better
Pat Connors wins the Griffin, the Nobel Prizes!
No more hunger in Myanmar, China, or Toronto…



For the time when I can live down a past
I didn’t create but allowed to happen
Assisted into being because it was
Harder to believe than not to

Waiting an eternity for the love
I will always love as I always have
Forever reborn within ourselves, our self
In each other’s arms we reach out to the world


  1. I am still waiting for my love … true.!
    great poem and art work.
    Vancouver!, always inspires the artistic side of people who slow down and experience the beauty of our natural environment which surrounds us here.!
    Including me, in my photography.

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