Connect Show to represent community

I am happy to be participating in the Connect show sponsored by the City of Vancouver, the Gathering Place and Coast Mental Health. I consider downtown Vancouver a part of my community as well as inspiration for my personal social advocacy. There is amazing physical beauty in the city, however amongst the sea, mountain and skyskrapers are personal stories of survival that are truly inspiring. These stories aren’t likely to make the front page of mass media, or have the provocative nature for a viral exposure. The expression of individual struggles takes courage but also the opportunity for expression. I thank the organizers of the Connect show for making this happen, we hope others can continue to make these opportunities a reality.

“I am excited about combining artists and art from people who use social services in the Downtown South with residents, small business employees and others connected to the Downtown South of Vancouver,” says Jeanne Krabbendam, artist and one of the organizers of the show.

There is an opening reception on February 5th from 6pm-8pm. The exhibit is open February 6th to 28th, daily 1pm-8pm and March 1st to 20th, Wednesday to Saturday 1pm-6pm.

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