This was submitted to the Penticton Art Gallery exhibition called 2010 Legacies.  The show was a response to the pending funding cuts to the arts. Flight is my submission to the call for response.

The achievement of flight requires clarity of thought; avoidance of distraction. Ascendancy takes action not just words.  Achievement of freedom is not a destination it is a state of mind that is grounded in the reality of who we really are. We are loaded only by items we can’t leave behind and those that will sustain us.  Anything else blurs our vision for the concept of the future.

The above statement relates to the role of Art in the development of a healthy society. Flight is a metaphor for the journey in freedom, in that the process requires more than just words, it requires action to match.  It cannot be a concept that other things can be loosely associated with in order to meet other hidden agendas.  In the domain of flight, words matter and are translated into action, they are a matter of life and death if not used carefully.  The preservation of a healthy society that is free to express itself is also a life and death scenario.  In this context, Art is about freedom and Art is a means for survival.  If we do not have the ability to achieve this, we are merely just walking soulless flesh.

Flight is 18 x 26 Acrylic (Sold)

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