Bicycle Bearista – Mobile Creative Cafe

Find the Bicycle Bearista Mobile Creative Cafe at Local Farmers Markets Festivals, Special Events, Block Parties and Community Engaged Activations.  Serving the award winning Spirit Bear Coffee we create a unique experience that combines coffee, tea, grab and go food service that blends creativity and ecological education.

Our zero waste intentions
– Spirit Bear Coffee Blends are 100% Fair Trade Certified organic
– Single use items are 100% Compostable
– Plastics are recycled
– Organics are composted

COVID Customer Safety

– All service is grab and go and full client service.
– We encourage clients to pay via visa or debit
– Due to COVID safety restrictions no shared customer utensils and clients are reminded to keep 6 feet distance from each other and staff.

Bicycle Bearista UBC War Memorial

Supporting the Burrard Inlet Fish Fest and Indigenous Canoe Race in August 2021