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cropped-wild-salmon-van-mural2.jpgArtist Statement

I am a contemporary outsider artist that believes in the healing properties of the natural environment. I paint landscapes in abstract as an expression of my connection with nature and its ability to provide me peaceful inspiration. As organisms on this earth I believe we are interconnected with nature and highly interdependent.

But as the psycho-social environment we live in today gets ever increasingly complex its effects on us are becoming more pervasive, corroding and sophisticated. However, the energy, peace and serenity of our natural surroundings can provide a way of grounding our senses and healing our minds. I try to capture the interrelationship between my mind and nature as I see and feel it; it’s an expression of my soul captured on a physical medium and in a point in time. Going through the process in itself contributes to balance. An at times creativity can be the hammer of which to raise consciousness about pertinent issues that affect our world.

Driven by my own lived experience, I am a self proclaimed arts-based advocate for mental health and strive to demystify and eliminate stigma around these issues. I have also come to find the combination of nature and creativity as powerful forms of medicine.  My initiatives in this regard include being a past collective member of the artist-run Gallery Gachet as well as many other collective art projects in Vancouver. A number of my projects are express through the different forms of community engaged programming such Sound Therapy Radio, Sound Therapy Arts TV, Wild Salmon Warrior Radio broadcasting on community based networks such CJSF 90.1 FM and on Shaw Cable 4 Vancouver.

I have a true belief in human potential and in the statement; ‘art is a means for survival’, a term coined by Yoko Ono.

J Peachy

The Indigenous and the Fish – Art and Social Change dialogue

For Immediate Release. (September 8, 2015): Art and Social change dialogue comes to Port Moody’s Gallery Bistro.

The Indigenous and the Fish Art Exhibition which opened at Port Moody’s Gallery Bistro on Thursday September 3rd hosts an artist talk and panel discussion on art and social change on Saturday September 12th. The Artist talk features internationally recognized artist, carver and storyteller Simon Winadzi James (Kwak ‘wakw ‘wakw) and the social change dialogue features Audrey Siegl (Musqueam) and Tsatia Adzich.

Simon Winadzi James comes from the traditional territory of the Kwak ‘wakw ‘wakw people he is co-creator of the award winning animated indigenous storytelling series Raven Tales. He has clients from around the world, has worked with National Geographic and is a board member of the Bowen Island Arts Council.

Simon Winadzi James

Simon Winadzi James

Audrey Siegl is an independent activist from the traditional territory of the Musqueam. She has been active on grassroots environmental and social justice political front line movements. Audrey has worked on raising awareness on housing issues in Vancouver’s Downtown East side as well as with Greenpeace Canada on initiatives to protect the arctic from oil drilling an recently participated in a direct action with actor Emma Thompson in London England.

Audrey Siegl

Audrey Siegl

Tsatia Adzich, is Tri River Metis, she is active in indigenous dialogue at the Simon Fraser University where she studies communications. She is an active member of the First Nation Student Association, a SFU Public Interest Research group (sfpirg.ca) and is a member of the Metis Nation of BC .

Tsatia Adzich

Tsatia Adzich

The exhibition and art and social change dialogue is led and hosted by artist J Peachy a community engaged artist and arts and mental health advocate, who was raised in the Tri-Cities. J Peachy is a multi-disciplinary artist and produces content on independent and community based broadcast networks (jpeachygallery.com)

Art and Social Change Panel
Gallery Bistro
2411 Clarke St. Port Moody
Coast Salish Territories


Saturday September 12th

Artist talk 1:00-2:00pm
Winadzi Simon James, J Peachy

Social Change Panel Discussion 2:00-3:00pm
Audrey Siegl, Tsatia Adzich, J Peachy

Admission to both events by donation, proceeds to support Burrard Inlet Fish Fest (fishfest.ca) a community festival produced by the Canadian Sound Therapy Arts Society (soundtherapyarts.org).

The Indigenous and the Fish


For Immediate Release. Indigenous and the Fish Art Exhibition comes to Port Moody.

Gallery Bistro and Peachy Gallery collaborate on an exhibition that runs until September 23rd. The inaugural ‘Indigenous and the Fish Exhibition’ is a Canadian west coast contemporary conversation and immigrant perspective on indigenous culture and creative allyship to social and environmental struggles.

A group show curated by J Peachy Gallery
Indigenous liason – Lauraleigh Paul

Contributing artists in this show are J Peachy, Carrielynn Victor, Winadzi Simon James, Corey Bulpitt, Carrielynn Victor, Sage Markham-Edenshaw, Dan Wallace, Amy Lubik and Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun


Art Exhibition @ Gallery Bistro
2411 Clarke St. Port Moody
September 2nd – 23rd

Thursday September 3rd, 6-8pm, opening reception

Saturday September 12th
Artist talk 1-2pm
Social change panel discussion 2:00-3:00pm

Admission to both events by donation, proceeds to support Burrard Inlet Fish Fest (fishfest.ca) a community festival produced by the Canadian Sound Therapy Arts Society (soundtherapyarts.org).

Nature is our medicine

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Burrard Inlet Fish Fest returns to Port Moody and goes green with a bicycle powered performance stage

“Nature is our medicine inspires this local creative event”

September 4 2014

Port Moody, B.C, Coast Salish Territories. Burrard Inlet Fish Fest (BIFF) returns to Port Moody’s Rocky Point Park on Saturday, September 27th, 2014. BIFF is part of the national culture days celebration and will gather community under the theme ‘Nature is our Medicine’

New this year is a green powered stage. This wind, solar and bicycle generation system will power the musical performances on stage. Audience members will have the opportunity to generate power for the musicians.

“Access to nature and creative expression have always been sources of healing for me and for the Indigenous peoples of the West Coast. Because it is an integral part of their culture, it is my belief that the waters that surround us are more than just about a view, they are a medicinal source. The fish are mother nature’s way of expressing that.” states J Peachy, Creative Director.

There is a beautiful mix of indigenous and local artists to celebrate the vision. In addition to art making are performances by Ta’Kaiya Blaney, Joyelle Brandt, We Are Lazuli, Wil D. Salmon, Adam Bailie of LaBidos, Commaa Arellano Lopez and many, many more.

“I am excited to be part of the team bringing this amazing festival to Port Moody again, “said Melissa Chaun, one of the behind the scenes organizers.

Burrard Inlet Fish Fest is produced by the Canadian Sound Therapy Arts Society, with a mandate to provide media and creative opportunities for those in the mental health and disability communities.

Burrard Inlet Fish Fest
Saturday, September 27th, Noon-6pm
Rocky Point Park, Port Moody BC, Coast Salish Territories

For More Information

J Peachy, Festival Director
Burrard Inlet Fish Fest
778 773 5957
website: fishfest.ca
twitter: @fishfestdotca

Music for Mother Nature Night, Thursday June 19th, Port Moody Inlet Theatre

Save the date for Thursday June 19th, advance tickets available at the link below.

$15.00 at the Door

$10.00 Advance

Music for Mother Nature4


Landing – with paddles up, we come with honest intentions

landingThis work is inspired by the Wild Salmon Paddler journey in 2010, who journeyed down the Fraser River to raise awareness for the protection of Wild Salmon against destructive fish farm practices and in anticipation of the Cohen Commission and the collapse of the 2009 Fraser River Sockeye.  During canoe landings, paddles are raised in order to symbolize that landings are in peace, paddlers announce their intention and ask permission to land from the host territory.

Wild Salmon Van, wants to come to your community!

Wild Salmon Van, Powell Street, Vancouver BC, Coast Salish Territories, Canada.

Mural created by Todd Polich of Earth Foundation.sponsored by the Strathcona BIA. Wild Salmon Van, a J Peachy Gallery project.

Have the Wild Salmon Van at your community event by contacting coordinator@jpeachygallery.com

Wild Salmon Van

Crossfire – Dedicated to the wounded Matriarchs


My Sister’s closet is a social enterprise run by the battered women support services group of Vancouver and happens to be around the corner from my studio. I have been shopping there for a few years as they have good selection of used mens clothing.  I pop in  store occasionally with Star to come for a visit and to see what donations have come in. Over the past few months, we have collaborated on a few creative projects, combining art and expression. I’ve come to know a little bit more about my sister’s closet and the many people who volunteer there.

In the social and environmental movements that I am active in, I have been witness to some very courageous and dedicated women to their causes.  I have seen them work against forces of oppression, psychological violence and ridicule but in spite of that they remain wholly focused on the task at hand. These women have a true belief in what they are doing but as well maintain a powerful commitment to compassion. Crossfire is a depiction; analogous to a brave tree standing strong against everything that comes directed at it; if it endures all the forces of nature it undoubtedly will bloom and inspire others.